GALmate programmer
Assorted GALs


GALmate is a GALĀ® multi-platform programmer for electronic hobbyists. A simple RxD/TxD UART interface keeps the connection effort to a minimum. This easy-to-build circuit uses industry standard components.


  • 24-pin ZIF socket
  • Supported devices: GAL16V8, GAL18V10, GAL20V8, GAL20XV10, GAL20RA10, GAL22V10, GAL6001 (GAL39V18), GAL6002, ATF16V8, ATF20V8, ATF22V10, GAL26V12 & GAL26CV12 by using a simple 28-pin to 24-pin adapter
  • UART interface: USB to TTL or legacy serial port
  • Power: USB-powered or wall adaptor 5V DC 1A
  • Vcc and Vpp are DAC controlled and current limited
  • Vcc range: 3V-6V; max. 150mA
  • Vpp range: 11V-18V; max. 10mA


  • Single file, easy-to-use application
  • Automatic device detection, i.e. no tedious manual selection
  • Fault tolerant; e.g. corrupted PES, checksum mismatch etc.
  • Detection of pull-up and bus-keeper GAL features
  • Fuse Map display
  • ‘one click’ fuse map generation using easyABEL 4.3 for design compilation under vDosPlus
  • Provides extensive device information: I/O features, UES, PES, pinout and pin by pin I/O configuration
  • GALmate has been tested on Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Optional portability to Linux and OSx platforms


The Basics

Starting point: I’d like to realize a (simple) logic design using a reconfigurable (programmable) logic device (PLD).

  • PLD, e.g GAL16V8, ATF16V8, GAL22V10, ATF22V10
  • HDL (Hardware Description Language) for simplified design entry (e.g. easyABEL)
  • PLD Compiler (e.g. easyABEL)
  • PLD Programmer (e.g. GALmate)
  • JEDEC format “.jed” data file, produced by the PLD compiler

Starting point: I have the JEDEC format “.jed” data file of a logic design and I’d like to programm the data into a PLD.

  • PLD matching the JEDEC format “.jed” data file
  • PLD Programmer (e.g. GALmate)

Build up the GALmate hardware, install the software and you’re ready to go.


Manfred Winterhoff (GALBlast) and Bruce Abbott (ATFBlast)