Lattice ispGAL & ispLSI

The ispGAL 16Z8 was introduced by Lattice in 1986, one year after introduction of the GAL 16V8. ispGAL, is short for In-System re-Programmable GENERIC ARRAY LOGIC. It is only listed in the 1988 Data Book and was soon replaced by the ispGAL 22V10.

The GAL 16V8 is a direct replacement for most 20 pin PALs. This CMOS device was the first electrically erasable programmable logic device and has been produced until 2010.

ispGAL 16Z8 and ispGAL 22V10 Simple Programmable Logic Devices (SPLD)

ispGAL 16Z8 Functional Block Diagram
From Lattice GAL Data Book 1988
ispGAL 22V10 Functional Block Diagram
ispGAL 22V10 Pin Configuration

pLSI 1016 and ispLSI 1016 Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLD)

Introduction of the in-system programmable ispLSI 1016 CPLD in 1992.

ispLSI and pLSI 1016E 44-pin PLCC Pinout Diagram
ispLSI and pLSI 1016E Functional Block Diagram


The MODEL 100 Programmer

It supports these ispLSI device family members:
1000, 1000E, 1000EA, 2000/A, 2000E, 2000VL, 2000VE, 2000V, 3000, 5000V AND 8000V
(Supported Vcc is 5V only)

ISP Engineering Kit Model 100 with Socket Adapters (discontinued)

The Model 200 Programmer

For Workstations with RS-232 Interface, supports only 5V ispLSI devices.

It supports these ispLSI device family members:
1000, 2000, 3000, 5000

Lattice Model 200 Desktop Programmer (discontinued)

The Model 300 Programmer

It supports all programmable Lattice devices with Vcc of 1.2V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V and 5V.

Lattice Model 300 Desktop Programmer

pDS (pLSI/ispLSI Development System) Software

The pDS Software provides Boolean Entry and Fitting only. Partitioning of the logic into the individual GLBs (Generic Logic Block) has to be done manually.

pDS Programm Group Window on Windows 3.1, 95 & 98

From Beginner’s Guide to ispLSI and pLSI Using pDS Software:

Design Entry Window
Open Edit Windows
Design Process Flow

pDS-Software distributed by Eurodis Enatechnik (EU) and ALDEC/Marshall Industries (USA)

ispLSI Starter Kit from Eurodis Enatechnik

ISP Synario Starter Software

ISP Synario Starter Software
ISP Synario supports Windows 95
pDS and pDS+ Design Flows

Development Hardware Boards for ispLSI 1016

Elektor 940093-1 Board for ispLSI 1016
PDS-Light Board from Enatechnik for ispLSI 1016

Windows 98 and ISP Synario Starter running on a HP Compaq t5000 Thin-Client

Design Environment
Lattice ISP Programming Interface (blue Parallel Port Adapter) for the PC
Programming Interface on-board (PDS-Light) hooked up to the Parallel Port
Synario 3.0 running on Windows 98

Window of the Synario Project Navigator after opening the “Tach.syn” example project.

Synario Project Navigator

Top level schematic of the “Tach” logic design (see above).

Synario Schematic Editor

The Text Editor for ABEL (without Syntax Highlighting).

Synario Text Editor for ABEL

The stand-alone ISP Daisy Chain Download tool for the PC’s Parallel Port.

Synario ISP Download

Software Evolution

Synario software was replaced by ispDesignEXPERT in the late 1990s which later was superseded by ispLEVER Classic in 2008.

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