FLOPPYmate hardware

INTRODUCTION FLOPPYmate requires an interface between the USB and the serial IEC bus. The hardware described in this Blog provides an interface (SER2IEC) between UART and the serial IEC bus for peripheral devices like disk drives 1540, 1541, 1570, 1571 and 1581. UART interface Decide on one of these UART interface types for your FLOPPYmate:USB… Read more FLOPPYmate hardware

FLOPPYmate software

OVERVIEW The FLOPPYmate application is a convenient tool for backing up individual PRG files and/or whole disks, sending DOS commands, as well as checking the drive’s spindle speed. Furthermore the data of a whole track can be displayed as binary and GCR. It’s the answer to how to fast backup and restore 1541, 1571 and… Read more FLOPPYmate software

6522 Fast Serial Driver

INTRODUCTION FLOPPYmate requires a high speed data transfer to read/write an entire track within a single disk revolution. This task requires a data transfer rate of at least 40KB/s. High speed (>8 KB/s) data transfer from or to a 1541 Disk Drive is commonly achieved using a 8 bit parallel cable connected to Port A… Read more 6522 Fast Serial Driver