Floppy Drive Deep Dive

1541 Memory Map 1571 Memory Map 1581 Memory Map ‘Boost Your 1571’ Memory Map DOS sector layout HW Bit Timing Byte Ready Sync Pinout Port A VIA1 Data Register Port B VIA1 Data Register Port B VIA2 Data Register Auxiliary Control Register Peripheral Control Register Interrupt Flag Register Interrupt Enable Register Port A CIA Data… Read more Floppy Drive Deep Dive

FLOPPYmate software

OVERVIEW The FLOPPYmate application is a convenient tool for backing up individual PRG files and/or whole disks, sending DOS commands, as well as checking the drive’s spindle speed. Furthermore the data of a whole track can be displayed as binary and GCR. It’s the answer to how to fast backup and restore 1541, 1571 and… Read more FLOPPYmate software